Gloucester Branch ASHS Trophy Presentations 2005-2006

A very social evening was had by Gloucester Branch ASHS members and friends last Saturday night (26 May 2007).
It was really nice to see everyone make the effort to come along - some travelled long distances - and enjoy the evening's proceedings. During the evening Gloucester Branch and the Gloucester Branch ASHLA ladies made presentations to their pointscore recipients - congratulations to you all.

We were fortunate enough to have been included in the trophy distribution with Silverthorn My Girl and Knights Jugaby.

Jugaby received Hi Point Working Horse and My Girl was the Overall Hi Point Horse after taking out Runner-up Led Horse, Runner-up Hack Horse and Runner-up Working Horse.

May, 21, 2007 - Update on Silverthorn Danny Boy

Silverthorn Danny Boy is now making his appearance in the dressage arena with his new family, The Tates, situated in Victoria.

His young rider Scarlett had her first dressage and combined training over the weekend. They placed second overall in the CT Grade 5, also a fifth in the combined scores dressage jackpot Grade 4 with second top score in one test and sixth top score in another. Scarlett also won the ASH best score for Level 4 dressage. It's all good Scarlett!!

19th May, 2007 - Update on Barsham Suntan

We heard that Elizabeth Stedman in Darwin, who recently purchased the young chestnut gelding, Barsham Suntan from us, with exciting news that at the Fred's Pass Rural Show, "The Country People's Show", 30km from Darwin, she took out first place in her ASH gelding class with Suntan.

We're told that about 30,000 were expected to come to this show. A nice start to his career, Elizabeth, congratulations!

Elizabeth has already introduced Suntan to the polocrosse field and he's taking it all on board. Elizabeth was the Champion Open Junior ASH for the Northern Territory in the 2006 Polocrosse Awards. If you have your May/June Australian Stock Horse Journal handy, turn to page 26 where you will see a full colour page of Elizabeth in action.

May Work Experience

Year 10, Gloucester High School student, Tiffany Spriggs, spent a week in May with us for her work experience. We really enjoyed having this delightful young lady in our home, and spending time working with us in our day to day chores.

Above: Part of the experience - saddle cleaning, riding Madalyn, and fencing.

12-19th May, 2007 - 2007 Australian Stock Horse Society National Championships held at Camden, NSW

What a huge event this is! Cumberland Branch was the host to this show and are to be commended for taking this task on with about 800 registered Australian Stock Horses on the ground.

Although rain would be welcome with the severe drought this country is experiencing, it held off and we experienced fine weather all show.

Days were very very long with 7.30am starts and sometimes late into the night finishes. There were three rings going the whole time and one had to be really vigilant in keeping up with who went in what ring and when. We were forced to scratch from a couple of classes as a result of rings clashing.

The best time of the day was when we lit up the barbecue, sat around the campfire with friends, discuss and share the day's events, and tell stories (some of them tall . . . Paul says that truth shouldn't get in the way of a good story!).

Above: St Ronan Abdul Smoke in his two year old working class.

The yearling sale was held under lights in the campdraft arena with some very nice quality yearlings presented. Disappointingly about half of these youngsters didn't reach their reserve price and were passed in.

We had our share of ribbons throughout the week with the five horses we took with us.

In the yearling colt futurity Silverthorn Shotgun placed fourth.

Caitlin Bowman rode Knights Jugaby the whole show and placed in all her events with a fourth in the dressage (about 60 competitors) - highest score 74%, Jugaby scored 72%.

Above: Jugaby ridden by Caitlin in the dressage.

Caitlin placed fifth on Jugaby in the senior ASHLA , and was one point off the winner of the Novice ASHLA.
Jugaby placed second in the stallion hack, and a fourth in his station horse event.

My Girl placed fourth after a ripping round in the four year old station mare class with Caitlin in the saddle.

We were pleased with the way our new colt, St Ronan Abdul Smoke, handled his first show. He was fifth in his led, hack, and working classes.

Above: Caitlin warming Smoke up prior to the two year old working class.
Below: Paul and Caitlin going through the working pattern for Smoke's working class

Sydney Royal Show, 12-14th April - Judge Mr Phillip Kirkby

It's a great experience to show at Sydney Royal, everyone aspiring to compete at the Royal works hard all year prior to the cut-off date early in November for the performance points that are a requirement for acceptance (entries are nominated five months before the show).

A lovely time of the year too in the middle of autumn when the days are still warm but not too hot.

We made our way to Sydney for the second half of the show down the Pennant Hills Road after the Freeway, and then taking the Silverwater turn-off which took us pretty well directly to the showground - obviously the best way for anyone travelling from the north.

On arrival we heard that young Melissa Payne and Silverthorn Royal Astra had won champion junior pony dressage exhibit - this was auspicious - we hoped that this wonderful start would follow through with our own performances.

Above: Royal Astra showing great impulsion in the pony dressage.

Since April is 18 years old now, we made the decision to allow her to ride the stallion, Knights Jugaby, for the duration of the show, which proved to be a good call; and that Paul would ride My Girl.

11th April: This was day one for us with Paul competing on My Girl first thing in the morning in the small arena campdraft - they made it to the second peg with a camp only score.

Above: Paul and My Girl in the Australian Stock Horse small arena campdraft.

12th April: For the James Angus Memorial Australian Stock Horse Stockmen's Turnout class, April spent a fair bit of time polishing and cleaning until satisified her gear, horse and outfit were spotless. This event is judged with points being awarded for rider attire, gear, horse conformation, and workout. Mr Phillip Kirkby judged the conformation and workout concurrently with M/s Jaime Best who judged the rider attire and gear. Mr Kirkby set the pattern to be worked which involved a dismount at the end of the workout coming back to him with the horse trotting flat-out as if trying to catch imaginary sheep! Now April has some difficulty with mounting up on Jugaby since he is a tall horse and she is a short person (about five foot nothing) but April being April explained to the judge that there was a problem, "Oh he said, and what might that be?" and she said "As you can see, I am vertically challenged, and have a problem remounting." "Well, he said," after some consideration, "you see these stewards here helping me?, well they are here to help you too." . . . . Problem solved. April and Jugaby were just out of a place in this event.

Later in the afternoon Paul and My Girl, and April and Jugaby took part in the station horse challenge without placing but enjoyed the event anyway.

Above: Paul and My Girl in the opening and closing the gate in the station horse event.

13th April: Led classes - Jugaby was first up taking out first and reserve champion stallion/colt from the 27 stallions and colts catalogued.

Above: Knights Jugaby, reserve champion stallion/colt.

The yearling Shotgun then came out in the two years and under class - he was called in and was sixth down the line but didn't take a ribbon - very hard call for him since he was the only yearling called in and did look very immature amidst the well grown two year olds. My Girl came next and placed fifth in a huge class of very classy mares. Silverthorn Springfield (now owned by the Snowden Family) won the three year old filly class - Congratulations Snowdens!

Above: Silverthorn Springfield, owned by the Snowdon family and led by Justin Murray.

Snowdens then went home and fronted up at Stroud show on 14th of April for reserve champion ASH mare/filly.

Working classes - April rode Jugaby a treat in the stallion working event and were rewarded for their excellent workout with third place. Girl also worked extremely well in the mare working, and was placed a creditable fourth.

Above: April on Jugaby in the ASH stallion working event.

In the evening Paul on My Girl took part in the team penning with Robert and Madalyn Watchirs, also of Gloucester. What an exciting time that was! Seventeen teams took part and right until the very last team took part, our team sat on the best score of 52 seconds - then just as we were all about to congratulate ourselves, the last team came in and scored 49.5 seconds. The result was that the Gloucester team came a very good second. Well done!

14th April: Hack classes - Jugaby worked really well for April in the hack classes and they ended up with a fourth (32 competitors in this event), and a 6th - nice going April. My Girl went around beautifully in her hack classes and she also scored really well taking a third, a fifth and then a sixth placing in the curb bit event.

Jugaby generated a fair bit of interest and many prominent ASH breeders booked mares for the 2007 season after visiting our stables to see the stallion close hand.

Later in the show we heard that Royal Astra placed fifth in his ridden buckskin class - great going Melissa, you had a fantastic show. The Paynes also made the effort to get to Stroud show on the 14th where he won his buckskin class and was reserve champion ridden breed horse of the show - well done Melissa!

Also, on day 14 of the show, young Annie Sherlock, riding her gelding Silverthorn Montane (full brother to Royal Astra), took part in the Pony Club Junior Team of Four that won the Jenko Perpetual Cup for Pony Club Teams, Riders Under 13! I must say that the turnout of this team was superb with matching ponies, jumpers, browbands etc. They all looked even better with the purple sashes on each rider and each pony.

This really capped off a truly wonderful show for us.

Above: Annie on Montane (far right) with the Team.

Some more pictures from the Show below...

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