22nd February, 2012

Friday, 17th of February saw us briefly call in to Maitland Show for the ASH hack events before travelling on to our Horsemanship Clinic on the Central Coast for the weekend.

Under judge Joy Poole, Paul rode our three-year-old colt Silverthorn Easy Acres in the hack 3 years and under for a win in a large class of three-year-olds. Brittany rode stallion Knights Jugaby for a win in the ASH stallion hack who then took out Champion ASH Hack from a nice line-up of quality horses. Mick Allen's black two-year-old colt, Silverthorn Spiderwick also had success with a first in the three and under working - congratulations Mick.

Our two day Horsemanship Clinic took place on the property of Kathy and Mark Lammi, proprietors of Wyong Creek Produce, in the beautiful and picturesque Yarramalong Valley, Wyong Creek on the Central Coast. Our most heartfelt thanks to Kathy and Mark for their generous hospitality to ourselves and all who attended. They opened their lovely home and made their property available for all to enjoy making the weekend a very successful one.

Feedback received from Kathy regarding the clinic .... "WOW, What a fantastic weekend of learning was had here by all, Huge thanks to Paul & Britt, wonderful trainers sharing their knowledge and working tirelessly and patiently in the heat. I have already received heaps of praising calls and emails from the clinic's riders, all are exhausted but elated with the knowledge they gained and how their horses have improved! We were blessed to have had wonderful weather, great company, enthusiastic riders and of course Paul & Britt with your amazing horses."

Another day at Wyong Creek is planned for Saturday, 17th March, prior to Sydney Royal Show for riders wishing to benefit from another session.

Paul will be holding a one-day clinic on the 25th of March on the grounds of the RDA (Riding for Disabled Association), Pacific Highway, Raymond Terrace. Cost will be $120 for the day. Bookings are now being taken for a limited number of places.

We always enjoy receiving news from Silverthorn horse owners, and recently we heard from Sharon Sisley with an update of her daughter Kayla's continuing progress with their three-year-old gelding Silverthorn St Ronan (Silverthorn Blackberry x St Ronan Abdul Smoke). Sharon says .... "Ronan is so well mannered and respectful, a true credit to you for giving him such a solid foundation. He is really growing into a beautiful boy. Kayla has developed a strong bond with him and enjoys spending time with him daily."

Kayla is pictured here with Ronan

18th February, 2012

With the feel of autumn in the air with those lovely cool mornings and milder days we are working hard to finish our stable of horses to be broken-in and in training before the Australian Stock Horse National Show to be held early in March. March is going to be yet another very busy month for us with our own local show run, followed closely by Sydney Royal Show early April.

Gerald, the four-year-old 18hh Clydesdale gelding owned by Glenn Cummings of Stroud was a recent horse here to be broken-in by Paul. We were all sorry to see this beautiful giant of a horse go home, who with his gentle manners and friendly nature had stolen all our hearts. We are looking forward to hearing more about Gerald when he joins Glenn's team of wedding coach horses.

Joe Lawrence with filly Silverthorn Sugar Glider

Joe Lawrence and Bec Harper had a good show with their Silverthorn horses at Henty last weekend with Joe's filly Sugar Glider out for a look about and taking everything in her stride, and Bec's gelding Lookout who delighted everyone by taking out Champion ridden ASH.

Bec Harper with gelding Silverthorn Lookout

Morisset Lake Macquarie Show - Saturday 4th February, 2012

With all the torrential rain we've been experiencing this past week there was the question as to whether or not Morisset Show was a goer or if it would be cancelled at the last moment. But no, word came through that there would be no cancellation and that we should brave the conditions and hope that the day would fine up for a day of serious competition. Of course the diehards were not phased by a little bit of mud, and there we all were, at first light, queueing up at the gate eager to park our vehicles and to get out on the ground to prepare our horses and limber them up for the day's proceedings.

Amazingly, there was not a great deal of surface water in the arena, but there were quite a few soft wet spots where riders had to ease up on the pace needing to exercise caution to avoid losing traction. We saw some mighty slides when horses were asked to come to a halt during their workouts, but despite this, everyone managed to stay upright.

We had a good day with the three horses we had on board - stallion Knights Jugaby, colt Silverthorn Easy Acres, and yearling filly Silverthorn Sunsation.

There were two other Silverthorn horses at the show as well - the newly sold gelding Silverthorn News Flash, and two-year-old colt Silverthorn Spiderwick.

Our yearling filly Sunsation generated quite a lot of interest- obviously most people have read their Fountain of Youth Sale catalogues, and recognised her from the photo therein. Sunsation is a lovely filly to show and we were pleased to have her win first place in the filly under two years class.

April Spriggs with yearling filly Silverthorn Sunsation

Jugaby had a good day winning Supreme Led ASH after winning champion stallion/colt; and then with Brittany in the saddle took out first in hack stallion and reserve champion ASH hack; and a second in the working stallion. We thank sponsor Globella ASH Stud for the beautiful trophy rug and garland.

Knights Jugaby being sashed for Supreme Led ASH by judge Prue Capp, with Paul,
Mrs Kilday representative for Globella ASH Stud, and the Morisset Show Girl entrants.

Easy had to work hard all day to win his ribbons - seconds in the hack 3 years and under, and working 3 years and under, against two other Silverthorn youngsters, News Flash and Spiderwick.

Paul on Easy in the hack 3 years and under.

Mick Allen showed his two-year-old colt Spiderwick for a first in his led colt class and then reserve champion stalliion/colt; a third in the hack 3 years and under class; and a first in the working 3 years and under class - a very nice result for this lovely colt on his first day out under saddle.

Mick Allen on Silverthorn Spiderwick with judge Prue Capp

New kid on the block, young Brooke Joyner, owner of the recently sold Silverthorn News Flash, certainly had a very successful day resulting in placings in most classes she entered, including first in led gelding 2 years and under 4 years; 1st in hack under 3 years; second in novice hack; and a third in the working 3 years and under. Brooke was well supported by friends and family who encouraged her fine efforts all day and everyone on the ground knew each time this new outfit were in the ribbons. We feel sure we're going to see and hear a lot more of this youthful combination.

Brooke Joyner and Silverthorn News Flash

Day's end saw us muddy and tired, but feeling it was well worth the effort.

Hunter Regional Show Horse Association 2012 Annual Hack Show
Morisset - 29th January, 2012

What a huge turnout of ponies and hacks! Our first show for the season but with an excellent Australian Stock Horse programme, saw us in very good competitive company.

An easy day for us we took only Julie's Australian Pony Stud Book yearliing filly and the black three-year-old colt, Silverthorn Easy Acres.

The highlight of our day was to see quite a few people here who had attended our Horsemanship Clinic only the previous week. Not only were their horses going round beautifully, but they were all in the winner's circle taking out firsts and high placings. Young Tia Andrews had a spectacular day winning both hack champions in both the ASH, and ANSA rings. Congratulations Tia.

Under judge Jenna Teeg, Easy Acres won led ASH colt under four years; ASH hack colt, filly or gelding under 4 years then Reserve Champion ASH Hack; 1st ASH colt, filly or Gelding - Working and then Reserve Champion Working ASH. An excellent day for this young colt who has had very limited outings previously.

Pictured are Paul on Easy in his hack class, and then later, reserve champion ASH hack to Tia Andrews' champion ASH hack.

Horsemanship Clinic at Silverthorn
21st and 22nd January, 2012

Our two-day January Horsemanship Clinic went really well and we feel sure that everyone went home with something to build on.

Saturday started with a demonstration of starting young horses. Our subject was yearling filly Silverthorn Sunsation who with her sweet and biddable nature proved to be a good choice. She went so well that Paul actually saddled her up, cracked the whip over her, and rode her around the yard. She impressed all with her wonderful quality and nature.

The rest of the day was used mainly to teach riders how to set up their horses for flying changes, turns, and stops. We weren't however, limited to just these moves, as many riders required assistance with issues they were having with their horses and these were easily overcome making everyone proud of their own personal achievements.

Paul on Silverthorn Sunsation

Sunday, our second day, revealed an enormous improvement in one and all, and it was this day where we really saw the difference in both riders and their horses. Plainly day one laid the foundations for such great improvement in everyone.

Elizabeth Northwood on her newly broken-in
two-year-old gelding Burrenview Doubleshot by Silverthorn Shotgun.

With everyone working so hard, morning tea breaks and lunchtime, were very welcome which allowed people to discuss their progress with Paul and to set up a plan for the next stage of their day. Saturday evening over dinner is always one of our highlights - we always enjoy these times - gives us a chance to get to know everyone and learn something from the exchange of information with interesting people who are travellers, businessmen, professionals and just ordinary people such as ourselves. Kath Massey, pictured in one of our pictures below, is very dedicated to the welfare of brumbies and it was very informative to hear her talk about the requirements of brumby registration, capture and other aspects about brumbies that we weren't aware of - another round-the-table discussion that came from left field.

A confidence building clinic is being planned for the Maitland area in the very near future. This time we will be working on riding and handling for those not at competition level but just wishing to enjoy their horse. A great opportunity for new-comers and nervous riders as well as those who just wish to get back to the basics of horsemanship. There will be a limited number of places, so if you wish to participate please let us know.

27th January, 2012

We recently had news of Silverthorn Sportsman from his young owner Jaymee Hyland of Dubbo, NSW. With Jaymee now 15 and Sport five, they are really hitting their straps with dressage, stock horse events, jumping and campdrafting. As you can see from the pictures here, a real partnership has developed between these two since the Hyland family purchased Sportsman for Jaymee three years ago. We are looking forward to watching their continuing progress with great interest this year.

The geldings Silverthorn Gideon, and Silverthorn News Flash, advertised on the sale page of our website were sold last weekend. They were used all weekend during our Horsemanship Clinic, and impressed all with their softness and trainability.

Silverthorn Gideon (St Ronan Abdul Smoke x Barsham Sunaround)
pictured here coming to a nice stop with his new owner Monique Hewett.

Not able to take the smile off her face is young Brooke Joyner,
new owner of Silverthorn News Flash (St Ronan Abdul Smoke x Riverway Marielle).

Shown here, a couple of days prior to our Horsemanship Clinic, are Paul on three year old colt Silverthorn Easy Acres and Mick Allen on his two-year-old colt Silverthorn Spiderwick. Both colts were used to demonstrate "how to" at our Horsemanship Clinic last weekend and were very impressive with their manners and paces.

During the school holidays we were lucky to have two great helpers, Georgia Snowdon and Tahnee Smyth, spend time with us. Both girls worked hard both in and out of the saddle - always lovely to have these eager to learn young people around us.

Pictured here is Tahnee on three-year-old filly Silverthorn Journey.

Brittany on Whiteash Tobin and Georgia on Silverthorn My Girl
returning home after a day of cattlework with Paul.

15th January, 2012

With acceptances received for Sydney Royal Show 2012 and the Australian Stock Horse Society National Championships taking place early this year (5th-10th of March) at the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC) in Tamworth, NSW, we are all in for a very busy start to the year. As you can see, the ASH Nationals will take place before Sydney Royal this year.

Our show team have been brought in from their spell over the holidays and have commenced their preparation for the coming season. Horses in are Knights Jugaby, Silverthorn Easy Acres, Silverthorn My Girl, Silverthorn Journey, Whiteash Tobin, and our lovely yearling Shotgun filly Silverthorn Sunsation.

We have entered Sunsation in the 2012 Fountain of Youth National Yearling and Two Year Old Sale which will be held during the ASH National Championships at Tamworth. She is from Barsham Sunaround, an FSH (foundation stock horse) mare who always produces great temperament and type in her foals. Have you noticed that the ASHS have introduced tagging foundation stock horses with "FSH" on their online studbook?

Congratulations to Sophie Babic on the purchase of the stand-out black yearling gelding Silverthorn Smoke and Mirrors (St Ronan Abdul Smoke x Silverthorn Madalyn). A very attractive young horse who we feel will excell in any discipline.

Breaking-in and training outside horses has become a large part of our day-to-day activity increasing our routine stud, show preparation, and training workload to a high level of productivity. With the special young people around us to assist in our daily routine we are able to fulfill our expectations of turning out nice going horses to satisfied clients. Our trainees Joe Lawrence and Brittany Hetherington have taken on the Silverthorn values of hard work, fair play and good sportsmanship, representing us to the best of their abilities both in the show ring and at home making us very proud of their achievements.

With Joe having completed his training and apprenticeship in 2011, Brittany has started her employment with us for 2012 and will be studying the same course - Agriculture III Certificate with TAFE. TAFE are introducing a long-awaited module in performance horses this year - this is going to benefit a lot of young people in our industry.

Joe is seen here at home on his two-year-old filly Silverthorn Sugar Glider who, Joe tells us, is coming along really well and will be ready for competition this season.

We recently heard from Melissa Simpson who purchased the three-year-old brown filly Silverthorn Cattleya (from Barsham Sunrising - the same mare as Joe's filly Sugar Glider), with news that the filly has settled in well is taking everything in her stride - another quality young horse we are looking forward to seeing out this year.

Melissa is pictured here enjoying
the summer break with Cattleya.

We have some very good young horses for sale on our Sale Page who are definitely worth considering if you are looking for a well-broken in performance horse for the future. We also have some outstanding show quality two-year-olds ready for breaking-in - these will be appearing on our website soon.

We have had a wonderful crop of foals this year - our black Acres Destiny colt, Silverthorn Easy Acres has produced some beautiful stock as has the chestnut Docs Freckles Oak stallion Crillee Amarillo Oak. These two dual registered stallions are producing really lovely elegant types from our stock horse mares. "Freckles" is a horse that has been largly overlooked in the past, but looking at the stock he is producing for us we are certainly going to give him more opportunities in the broodmare paddock. Freckles is building up a good reputation with client mares with many returning for more foals by him. Silverthorn Shotgun foals are all saying "look at me" with their distinctive Shotgun markings - these youngsters are great types and it's hard to pick a favourite.

Our Horsemanship Clinic coming up on 21st and 22nd January is fully booked and we are looking forward to hosting yet another productive weekend.

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