Ashley on Jugaby, Nathan on Guns and Roses, Gemma on My girl, Paul and Brittany holding yearling filly Jubilee.

27th May, 2014

It's almost winter, and here we are still in short sleeves enjoying beautiful sunny days. A drop of rain would be nice though to give the pasture a kick-along for feed in the coming months. There doesn't seem to be any rain on the radar but we are hoping that it will come soon regardless of technology.

We've had long days with our workload of breaking-in, training, and weaning youngsters. Fortunately we have had extra help here with Gemma spending some time off her regular veterinary nursing job in Sydney getting hands on experience here, as well as Nathan Butler, Tocal horse course student, also here for work experience. As the saying goes "many hands make light work", but in our case, "many hands got through a lot of work"!

This week we are hosting Dungog High School student Grace Maher, and the following week we are expecting Rowena Dillon, for work experience.

Nathan on yearling filly Jubilee (Knights Jugaby x Rosebrook Mona).

Nathan on My Girl

A couple of our horses that were on our sale page have now been sold - the lovely chestnut two-year-old Crillee Amarillo Oak filly Silverthorn Sheoak and the stylish five-year-old bay gelding Silverthorn Citation by St Ronan Abdul Smoke. Sheoak was purchased by Holly Clayden of the Central Coast, to be campaigned as a futurity horse, and Citation has been purchased by Clare Hawkes of Cremorne, Tasmania. We wish both buyers success and joy in their purchases.

Our 2012 trainee Joe Lawrence of Temora, now building his own breaking-in and training business, is looking forward to competing on his two-year-old chestnut gelding Silverthorn Oaks Adair, another progeny of Crillee Amarillo Oak this coming show season.

Joe pictured here training two-year-old gelding Silverthorn Oaks Adair

Brooke Joyner and her attractive bay gelding Silverthorn Newsflash are continuing their success in the dressage arena. Brooke, second from the left below, at a recent outing.

We are so impressed with the way "Freckles" progeny are breaking-in that most of our broodmares are carrying his foals this season.

We are looking forward to having Gary LeBrocq, cutting trainer from Kempsey here who will be joining Paul to coach at another horsemanship clinic at Silverthorn on 21st and 22nd of June. Should be a good one for those riders competing in the Gloucester Branch ASH Society Stock Horse Challenge - Round 2 at Gloucester Showground the following weekend. Gary and Paul, with the girls Brittany and Ashley assisting are gearing up for a very full-on weekend. Emphasis will be on flatwork, setting up roll-backs, haunch turns, and flying changes, as well as cutting and campdraft instruction. Contact us to secure a spot.

Horsemanship Clinic
3rd and 4th of May, 2014

With the local forecast of snow on the Barrington Tops we weren't quite sure how the weather would turn out for our clinic. We braced ourselves for a cold weekend which, although it did in fact snow on the distant Tops, and the wind did pick up at times, the sun came out now and then to take the chill out of the air making for pleasant days.

We had a good roll-up of keen riders, all ready and willing to enjoy two solid days of instruction. We feel sure that everyone took something home with them to build on.

As always meal times and refreshment breaks were entertaining to say the least - not forgetting the lively campfire conversation and yarn telling in the evenings.

For riders without their own horses, our own seasoned, and horses-in-training were used for their participation. We find that educated horses are a great way to demonstrate the correct aids, how to apply them, and to get the desired result.

We set up a simple utility pattern in which everyone participated - riders set to the task, confidently putting their horses around each obstacle to complete the course successfully.

Cutting trainer Gary LeBrocq will be joining us at our next clinic on 21st and 22nd of June, here at Silverthorn. This will be a good one for those riders competing in the Gloucester Branch ASH Society Stock Horse Challenge - Round 2, at Gloucester Showground the following weekend (29th June). Gary and Paul, with the girls Brittany and Ashley assisting, are gearing up for a very full-on weekend. Emphasis will be on flatwork, setting up roll-backs, haunch turns, and flying changes, as well as cutting and campdraft instruction.

Don't miss out - contact us to secure a place.

Gloucester Branch ASHS Stock Horse Challenge

Gloucester Branch ASHS have come up with an interesting futurity challenge for horses under five-years-old, to be run over the winter months consisting of four rounds at Gloucester Showground.

$1,500 in prize money, and four stallion services have been offered by prominent breeders.

The first round was run on 10th May - Round 1 - Two-handed cutting and utility horse;

On 29th June - Round 2 - Two-handed cutting and working horse;

On 3rd August - Round 3 - Cattle working and working horse; and finally

On 13th September - Round 4 - Cattle working and working horse.

As well as the Futurity Challenge they are running Encouragement, Junior and Juvenile Challenges.

We had an introductory day here at Silverthorn on the 26th of April for people interested in entering this event. Particular emphasis was on two-handed cutting rules and general etiquette in the "cow pen". Instruction was also aimed at those who would be turning back cattle and assisting competitors over the duration of the competition. People went away with a great deal of enthusiasm and a very pleasant day was had by all 20 participants.

Practice day for Gloucester Challenge at Silverthorn

Round One - 10th May, 2014

A lot of thought and organisation had gone into the setting up for the first event in the series which ran like a well oiled clock. Thirty-seven entries attended the event with riders coming from Walcha, Tamworth and the Hunter Valley as well as local competitors.

In a cutting contest the aim is to select a single beast from a herd of cattle, gently guide it into the centre of the arena and then with fast starts, stops, and turns prevent the beast from ducking past the horse and escaping back to the mob.

In addition to the futurity event for horses under five years of age, there was an Encouragement Challenge for riders on any aged horse. Junior and Juvenile riders were given instruction in cutting from well known Tamworth identity Bob Johnston who also judged the challenges.The utility horse section in round one was judged by Greg Ainsworth from Comboyne.

The day was so pleasant and rewarding for both riders and horses alike and competitors are counting down the days with keen anticipation to Round Two.

click here for results of Round One.

Stroud Show - 25th April, 2014
Judge M/s Sharon McKell

Up early again, this time heading off for Stroud Show - not so far for us to go this time. So with ominous rumblings of thunder and distant flashes of lightning, we set off in the hope that the rain would hold off for today at least. Good job we had our raincoats packed because it wasn't long after we arrived at the showground that we experienced torrential rain. Funny how everyone relies now on "the radar" - so many people were pulling their phones out of their pockets to show us where the rain was - it wasn't so long ago that one only needed to look heavenwards to see the thunder clouds massing to know it was about to rain! For half an hour the rain literally came down in sheets, so much so that we had to wait for the judges' arrival as they were held up on the road in the storm.

As the day progressed, the rain eased, and the day turned out to be a gloriously sunny one.

We had with us youngsters Silverthorn Guns and Roses and Tarraway Jackson, and the pony filly Amaranda Joyfull. Also on board was Holly Clayden's newly purchased filly Silverthorn Sheoak.

Guns and Roses Champion Led Junior ASH

In the ANSA ring Guns and Roses won her led filly two and three years and then went on to be sashed Champion Led ANSA. Under saddle Brittany rode her to win the ridden mare or filly class and then took out Champion Ridden ANSA.

In the stock horse ring Guns and Roses won her led filly two and three years, and went on to take out Champion Led Junior ASH. This filly also placed second in ASH hack horse, three years and under any sex; first in ASH hack mare or filly; second in ASH hack ridden in a curb bit; second in senior ASHLA; and first in working junior horse three years and under any sex.

Right to left, Guns and Roses Champion ANSA, Celadon Addiction Reserve Champion ANSA

Right to left, Guns and Roses Champion and Tarraway Jackson Reserve Champion Led Junior ASH

Our yearling colt Tarraway Jackson won his led yearling colt class and was ultimately Reserve Champion Led ASH Junior to our filly Guns and Roses.

Brittany on Guns and Roses, first place

Holly on the lovely mannered Sheoak had a good day on their first outing together. Not sure how they placed, but did see them in the ribbons.

Meantime in the Breeds Ring, "Pony" acquitted herself well placing first in both her led Part Welsh and Australian Pony Stud Book classes, and was later sashed Champion Australian Pony. Under saddle Pony won both ridden Part Welsh and Australian Pony Stud Book classes, and ultimately won Champion Ridden Breed Horse. Thank you Tiffany Allen for your help getting us through the led classes, and to Ashley for riding her so well.

Ashley on pony Amaranda Joyfull - champion ridden breeds

Sydney Royal Show - 10th. 11th and 12th of April, 2014
Judges Iain Hyde and Amanda Blomfield

Brittany on Silverthorn Guns and Roses

Sydney Royal Show time again - so much to organise and pack, then the travelling and setting up once arrived. A lot to think of but once there and settled in it's okay - you get good at it over the years.

We actually did two trips to the Royal, the first week with Australian Stock horse mare Silverthorn My Girl, filly Silverthorn Guns and Roses, and gelding Silverthorn Oakwood, and then on the last day with our Australian Pony Stud Book Pony filly Amaranda Joyfull.

Tiffany and Mick Allen's Benbrook Marksman

Ashley with Silverthorn My Girl

In the following paragraphs, to appreciate a placing we have indicated class sizes to give you an idea of the strong competition we were facing.

In her led class My Girl placed first in a line-up of 22 mares four years and over, not exceeding 15hh. My Girl has won this class many times at Sydney but has always just missed out on a broad sash for champion or reserve champion mare or filly.

Under saddle, and ridden by Ashley, Girl was placed second in a class of 27 in the Hack Mare or Filly not exceeding 15hh, then in the Senior ASH Small Arena Campdraft Paul rode the mare for a fifth from 50 entries.

Holly Clayden on Silverthorn Avril in Junior ASHLA class

Guns and Roses second in mare over 15hh hack

Ashley's gelding Silverthorn Oakwood placed third, and Brittany rode Silverthorn Shotgun filly Guns and Roses for a fifth in the Working ASH colt, filly or gelding under four years from 23 entries. Guns and Roses won the ASH Hack Gelding, Colt or Filly under four years from 29 entries; and second in the Open Hack Mare or Filly over 15hh from 20 entries.

Ashley on Oakwood in Working ASH under four years

Ashley on Oakwood with a well deserved third in Working ASH under four years

Silverthorn Guns and Roses first and Cee Dee Moonshot third in the three-year-old hack class

Silverthorn My Girl second in her mare hack class

A smiling Brittany on Guns and Roses placing second in Mare or Filly over 15hh hack class

Ashley on Oakwood placing third, Brittany sixth on Guns and Roses in Working ASH colt, filly or Gelding under four years.

Star of our team was fifteen-year-old Laura Strelitz from Uralla who was in our care for the duration of the show with her gelding Tassas Taboo. First time at Sydney Laura and "Tabbie" placed fifth out of 10 in junior ASHLA; third out of 27 in Rider under 18 years, Hack mare or Gelding, ridden in a snaffle bit; second out of 20 in Junior Rider Station Horse; second out of 18 in Junior Time Trial; won the Junior Campdraft from 19 entries; and finally won the R M Williams Trophy Bridle for the Most Versatile ASH Exhibit ridden by a youth under 18 years as well as the trophy jacket for the highest placed ASHLA member for the abovementioned R M Williams event. Not sure if Laura realised the enormity of her wonderful achievements - especially with this her first Sydney Royal Show.

Our return trip with Australian Pony Amaranda Joyfull on the 23rd of April was a memorable and exciting day. Under judge M/s Margie Whyte, "Pony" won her led class (Australian Pony Filly, three years, not exceeding 14hh), and went on to be sashed Reserve Junior Champion Australian Pony to a very nice colt. Then later in the ridden Australian Pony Mare or Gelding over 12hh and not exceeding 13hh, placed fourth from 11 open ponies - what an achievement for a three-year-old! Ashley did a great job from start to finish and looked lovely out of her usual stock horse attire.

Ashley with Australian Pony filly Amaranda Joyfull

It was pleasing to see two other Silverthorn Shotgun progeny in the ribbons - Karen Miles' lovely black three-year-old filly Cee Dee Moonshot shown by Teena Bridge placing second in the led ASH filly three years; and third in her ASH Hack Gelding, Colt or Filly under four years.Tiffany and Mick Allen's typey three-year-old gelding Benbrook Marksman placed third in the Australian National Saddle Horse (ANSA) three-year-old led gelding, and fifth in his led ASH Gelding three years.

Teena Bridge with Karen Miles' Cee Dee Moonshot

Junior rider Holly Clayden enjoyed her first Sydney Royal Show on her mare Silverthorn Avril (Waikon Park Coolabah x Silverthorn Showgirl) coming home with a sixth placing in the ASH Hack Mare or Filly not exceeding 15hh.

Congratulations to Karen, Holly, and Tiffany and Mick for such great results..

Over the time spent at the Royal, we enjoyed the company of good friends and catching up with acquaintances, which to us is always the highlight of this wonderful show.

Lovely line-up in the three-year-old hack class

A behind the scenes shot of horses being readied prior to ASHLA class

Silverthorn Guns and Roses, Supreme Led ASH - with Brittany Hetherington, judge Rod Bloomfield, and Suzanne Landers.

100th Annual Gloucester Show - 4th April, 2014

Rayma Regards in stallion hack.

With Gloucester Show being the last show in the district before Sydney Royal Show, competitors took this opportunity to get their horses out.

We had along with us our yearling colt Tarraway Jackson, Silverthorn My Girl, Silverthorn Guns and Roses, and client Paul Bandy's colt Rayma Regards.

We were pleased with the way all the horses performed under judge Rod Bloomfield.

"Jack" was placed second in his yearling colt class and then on to be sashed Reserve Champion Youngstock.

Rayma Regards had a good day with a first in his Led ASH Colt Two and Three Years Old, and then was sashed Reserve Champion Stallion or Colt. Under saddle he was awarded seconds in both Maiden and Stallion Hack classes, and a first in Stallion, Mare or Gelding Hack Three Years and Under.

With Ashley My Girl placed second in her Led Mare Four Years and Over Not Exceeding 15hh; and then under saddle took out second in Mare Hack and first in Senior ASHLA.

Guns and Roses won her Led Filly Two and Three Years Old, was awarded Champion Led ASH mare, and ultimately, in a lovely line-up of champions, took out The Radium Trophy Supreme led ASH Exhibit. This filly won the Mare Hack, was second in the Stallion, Mare or Gelding Hack Three Years and Under, and Reserve Champion ASH Hack. In the Stallion, Mare or Gelding Working Three Years and Under she placed first, and in the senior ASHLA event second to Silverthorn My Girl.

Silverthorn horses, Seeker with his rider Skye Maytom, and Sophie Babic with Smoke and Mirrors were also at the show being awarded high placings.

Ashley on Rayma Regards in second place, with Skye Maytom on Silverthorn Seeker in third place.

Brittany on Guns and Roses first place, and Sophie Babic on Smoke and Mirrors placing second in the three and under working class.

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