National ASHS Youth Show 2014

30th September to 2nd October 2014

The competition was fierce in all age groups, with great young riders mounted on exceptional horses.

In the Youth Judging 18 and under 21, Ashley placed a commendable third.

Brittany placed first in handler 18 and under 21, with Ashley taking out second place. Brittany went on to be awarded Reserve Champion Juvenile Handler.

Brittany rode Silverthorn Guns and Roses for a second in the ASHLA 18 and under 21 event, as well as second in the Rider 18 and under 21 event. In the Working ASH 18 and under 21 class, Brittany placed third on Guns and Roses. In the Challenge 18 and under 21, Brittany rode Guns and Roses for a third in the Hack Section. This combination also placed third in the Dressage 18 and under 21.

On Knights Jugaby, Ashley came second in the Working ASH 18 and under 21 event, going on to be sashed Reserve Champion Juvenile Working. In the Pleasure ASH 18 to under 21 Ashley rode Jugaby for a first. In the Challenge 18 and under 21, Ashley rode Jugaby for a second in the Hack Section and a second in the Working Section. In the Showjumping, Jugaby placed third; second in the Station horse 18 and under 21; first in the barrel race; second in the bending; and 5th in the flag race.

We saw quite a few other Silverthorn horses with their riders enjoying exceptional success – Holly Clayden on Silverthorn Sheoak, Jade Fangmeier on Silverthorn Wills, Tash Yeo on Silverthorn Cattle Call, Skye Maytom on Silverthorn Seeker, and Laura Strelitz on Silverthorn Elliette.

Not sure of most of these young riders’ results but do have Laura’s – fifth in her handler class, and on Silverthorn Elliette (full sister to Silverthorn My Girl) third in the ASHLA, fourth in rider, third in hack, and first in working. First in her junior judging with highest point junior judge 13 and under 21 years, and in her challenge placed fifth in the working section. Great job Laura.

Ashley on Jugaby
Laura Strelitz on Silverthorn Elliette
Lovely line-up of ASHLA riders 18 and under 21 years
Jade Fangmeier on Silverthorn Wills
Skye Maytom on Silverthorn Seeker

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