Whiteash Tobin

Toby is currently in our show team and by our very well performed stallion Knights Jugaby and from Rosebrook Mona.

Toby is a four year old grey gelding who is tall and elegant in type, most likely due to the fact that both his sire and dam are both by thoroughbred horses. He is both ASHS and ANSA registered.

Bred by Melanie McCallum who used Jugaby over her mare Rosebrook Mona after she saw and liked him very much at Sydney Royal Show one year and decided that this was the horse for her mare. This was five or six years ago, and over that period of time Melanie has had the pleasure of breeding and raising a foal, and watched him grow out into a very striking looking two year old. This was the point when Toby came into our lives. Melanie brought him to Paul to be broken-in and trained and the long and short of it all is that we purchased Toby from Mel and have campaigned him in our show team ever since – at this point, we could say that Melanie joined our show team as well, strapping for us at every show that Toby attends. A beautiful friendship has developed over the years through this horse, which has now extended to include both of our families

Toby has a lovely kind quality to his nature reflecting the loving handling he received as a foal making him a favourite wherever he goes.

With his tall elegance, Toby has found a niche for himself in the hack ring. Always pleasing to the eye, he has consistently been able to draw a judge’s attention for a call-in. He has also had a lot of luck in the led and hack rings where he has won many championships for us.

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